The 21st Century is the era of dynamic cyber threats to global public services, utilities, and commercial operations in every sector.  Our company is perfectly positioned to help you confront these challenges to your critical infrastructure.

We partner with our clients, respect their environment, their concerns - and identify their security needs - and work to achieve the necessary security solutions.  Preserving the operational integrity and full corporate control over all assets is our highest priority.  Our clients hold community, regional, national, and even global responsibilities to the public.  We make it happen.  We bring that rare certified professional in SCADA and IT security to your challenges.
21st Century Critical Infrastructure Protection
Global Experience for Your Environment
Our company is your #1 source for cyber security consulting and services. We provide clarity to your security environment - your critical infrastructure.  We provide the security solutions to meet your enterprise needs.

With decades of experience enhancing critical infrastructures for the US Government, UK Government, and global corporations, our staff is familiar with enterprises/estates spanning multiple NAIC sectors.  Our professional performance reflects the multiple-continent experience across SCADA security and IT security that gives us the flexibility to succeed. 
What you don't know can bring you down. Readiness starts with Awareness. . . followed by the Will to Protect.

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Industrial Cyber Security, LLC
Industrial Cyber Security, LLC
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CEO, Industrial Cyber Security, LLC
National Security Agency
Alert:  Request an Executive Cyber Risk Assessment for your corporation, firm or agency now!  2024 faces serious international challenges that will impact on your operations.  Cyber WARFARE is a real threat to nations, institutions & commerce now.