Our company is your best source for value-driven, global consulting expertise and professional services.   We architect the trusted environment for you.

Established in 2011, our staff have honed their cyber security expertise over many decades.  As military veterans, we know success comes from team work and a commitment to succeed in any environment.  Our experience in government and industry is global.  From the largest enterprise to the smallest utility or commercial firm, we know security.  Our commitment to teamwork means that the client has reliable partners committed to enhancing their corporate security - safely.  Your board room and your business partners and customers demand nothing less.

Our founder and CEO, Bob Wyman, has proven leadership and cyber security expertise, combined with industrial control systems/SCADA security expertise necessary to deliver success for the client.  As retired military, former corporate director for information assurance, former CISO for the UK's second largest government department, he knows the depth and scope of establishing a trusted security environment.  With global experience supporting governments and corporations in many NIAC sectors, Bob brings the cross-domain experience to ensure the best solutions for the client's environment.  As former senior enterprise security consultant to the US Department of Energy's CISO, Bob has deep understanding of the global energy industry.  The US Intelligence Community - at the highest levels -has also relied on his leadership and expertise to enhance enterprise security.
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Industrial Cyber Security, LLC
Industrial Cyber Security, LLC
* Certified SCADA Security Architect
* Certified Chief Information Security Officer
* Certified Information Security Manager
* Certified in Risk Information Systems Control
* Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
* Certified in NSA INFOSEC Assurance Methodology
* Member of the FBI-Sponsored INFRAGARD
* Graduate of Amazon Web Services Security Operations and Architecture training.
As a veteran-owned small business, we pride ourselves in hiring industry-leading professionals who are also military veterans.  Our staff knows security from all angles.

Every government and commerical enterprise is a dynamic environment - from the cyber perspective.  Agencies and firms are hit thousands of times per day from external adversaries.  The insider threat can be an even greater concern.  Vulnerabilities need to be addressed through professional assessment and evaluation.  Establishing the trusted environment depends on it.  Your corporation administration, operational functions, field reporting, and floor activity all depend on your trusted environment.  Our expertise in and approach to enterprise and SCADA security architecture brings the assurance that your leaders, stakeholders, staff, and customers seek on a daily basis.
Enterprise & SCADA System Security