U.S. citizens regularly interact with government at all levels and depend on the provision of various government services, all of which are supported by an array of facilities owned, leased, or operated by government entities.  Ensuring the continuity of these functions and services through protection of their associated government assets is vital to homeland security.  State and local government networks support direct public access and sensitive data for law enforcement, emergency operations, extensive fiscal and privacy data.  State and local governments provide extensive regulatory services to utilities and commercial businesses - all requiring controlled access to sensitive data.

​Government officials and managers have a responsibility to , employees, colleagues, and the public to ensure continuity of business and public service operations. Today's assurance of government operations depend heavily on the integrity and availability of all critical government facilities and information systems. Behind these critical functions is the information technology backbone - with complex information systems - and sometimes SCADA systems.  

Today's government leaders need the assurance that current assessment and evaluation of all cyber systems supports current defensive measures for continuity of operations.  An unexpected interruption in service in any business or critical function can impact on lives and public trust.   Mitigation of cyber vulnerabilities is an on-going challenge as external and internal threats continue to grow in the 21st Century.

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