​The Agriculture and Food Sector has the capacity to feed and clothe people well beyond the boundaries of the nation. The sector is almost entirely under private ownership and is composed of an estimated 2.1 million farms, approximately 880,500 firms and over one million facilities. This sector accounts for roughly one-fifth of the nation's economic activity.  Today's Agriculture and Food Sector electronically interacts with multiple economic sectors . . through the Internet.

​Corporate officers have a responsibility to stockholders, employees, customers, and the public to ensure continuity of business and production operations. Today's assurance of production operations depends heavily on the integrity and availability of all enterprise and production facilities and systems. Behind these critical functions is the information technology backbone - with information and industrial control, or SCADA, systems.  

​Today's corporate board needs the assurance that current assessment and evaluation of all cyber systems supports current defensive measures for continuity of operations. An unexpected interruption in service in any business or production function can impact on revenue and public trust in the market. Mitigation of cyber vulnerabilities is an on-going challenge as external and internal threats continue to grow in the 21st Century.

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